Imagine being ignored by your own mother. The person who brought you into this world. Imagine her looking at you, pretending like she had never seen you before in her entire life.

That was the nightmare scenario that Marty Wilson, a 23 year old university student faced this week.

Whilst studying an Arts degree at the University of Western Queensland, Marty picked up some casual work over summer spruiking donation plans for an international charity cartel.

And while he admits “chugging” (charity mugging) isn’t the greatest job, and has had some pretty tough encounters, Wilson said that “My mother coldly stone walling me was about as tough as it gets.”

“I know she saw me. She literally looked at me from like 15 metres away and just stared at the ground. I walked up to her and was like “Hey Mu,” and she just pretended to be on her phone and kept walking.”

Wilson says she walked alongside his mother for about five metres before giving up, and standing on the footpath completely flabbergasted.

“I’m so used to getting brushed by all the “busy people,” but Jesus, that was tough” Wilson exclaimed.

Wilson’s mum Natalie refused to comment on the matter, saying “I have no idea what you or Marty are talking about.”

Wilson told the Advocate that he already hated his job and the whole experience has pushed him closer towards quitting and re-taking a job at Woolies.



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