A local mum has today taken a moment to confide in The Advocate about some of her hopes and dreams.

With her rent 50% higher than it was a couple of years ago and her wages exactly the same in childcare role, Pippa Thompson told us that she still has hope for her and her kids future.

“One day, just one day, I hope that my two kids will be able to see those submarines arrive in Australian waters,” she told us.

Pippa’s comments come after Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed 368 billion dollars worth of spending on a handful of submarines, that will hopefully arrive at some point in the next few decades, if everything goes to plan.

The exciting announcement came alongside US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, with the heads of the masters of war revealing an eye watering payday for the faceless arms companies that manufacture weapons.

While all of their countries battle through a cost of living crisis fuelled by the economists inability to control the thing they are supposed to know everything about, our leader says the new submarine play is an investment in the future.

“Spending billions helping private US and British companies developed their products that they are going to price gouge us through the eyeballs on, is something that I think all Australians can get around,” explained the man who mentions he grew in Camperdown housing flats at every single opportunity he can.

“For those mums out there raising their kids on a minimum wage and doing everything the can to survive in a burgeoning poverty class fuelled by rapidly increasing wealth inequality, these submarines are for you.”

In Betoota Ponds, Pippa told us she felt like crying when she heard the news.

“It’s like he’s listening to the millions of Aussie’s who can’t afford to buy fresh fruit and vegetables,” she said.

“It gives us hope for the future. All that stuff about wanting my kids to be healthy, to have the same opportunities as people born in the right postcode, to be able to play sport because all of the cost associated with it – it’s just superficial political stuff.”

“These submarines will make a meaningful difference to our quality of life.”


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