While the Labor Government may have proven in recent weeks that they have a rather interesting relationship with the truth, it’s seems that the left-wing major TV networks are equally committed to keeping our nation misinformed.

It’s not just the lies they keep spreading about this so-called ‘Indigenous Voice’ – which is really just a secret ploy to force everyday Australians to hand over the keys to their family homes to Aboriginal people and make us get Welcome To Country’s tattooed on our foreheads.

It’s not just their mythical fantasies that electric vehicles will one day replace the trusty unleaded petrol variety.

In fact, their suggestion that the vast majority of middle class Australians have less than 3 million dollars in their Superannuation accounts isn’t even the biggest load of bullshit they’ve tried to spin us this last week.

There is no greater misinformation than Prime Minister Albanese’s recent claims that everyone keeps telling him that says he looks like Hollywood star, Pedro Pascal.

According to Twitter, rumours have spread from the Washington Press Gallery this week, that Airbus Albo hasn’t been able to shut up about how much he keeps getting mistaken for Pedro Pascal. This unconfirmed political chatter has outraged many, myself included.

What an utter load of rubbish. Pedro Pascal and Anthony Albanese look nothing alike, and he’s only trying to insinuate that as some feeble attempt to attach his socialist regime to some sort of pop cultural trend.

Sorry Albo, but the honeymoon is over. No one thinks you are as attractive as Pedro Pascal. Stop saying that you are.

Not even in the second last episode of The Last Of Us, when Pascal’s character Joel is all banged up and looking worse for wear, I never once found myself thinking ‘Gee this strapping 47-year-old Chilean-American dreamboat looks a lot like Australia’s leftist Prime Minister’.

Now I know the woke left will tell me that as a heterosexual old WHITE male, I have no credentials to judge the good looks of anyone with Southern European or Latin American heritage – let alone men – but let me tell you – I know a good sort when I see one, even if it is a bloke. Obviously not in a gay way, but in a grandfatherly ‘he’s not a bad looking bloke’ kind of way.

In fact, the only thing that Albanese and Pedro Pascal have in common is their deeply engrained Left wing roots. Because, yes, unfortunately, despite his dashing good looks – Pedro Pascal’s reputation will also be tainted by the fact that his mother’s cousin Andrés Pascal Allende, was an early leader of the Movement of the Revolutionary Left, an urban guerrilla movement dedicated to the overthrow of the military dictatorship of Augusto ‘The Latin Scomo’ Pinochet.

Dearest Mr Albanese, as a former political advisor for Mal Brough MP and corporate relationships manager for Rio Tinto, my advice to you as Prime Minister is to just shut up. Because no one thinks you look like Pedro Pascal.


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