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The parklands surrounding the Melbourne Cricket Ground have become a makeshift morgue for Swans scarves and other supporter apparel as the Sydneysiders failed once again to bring the bacon home from the sporting capital of Australia.

Yarra Park sits adjacent to the sporting complex, creating a buffer between it and the cosmopolitan East Melbourne district. However, it’s purpose today has become much grimmer – a place to abandon beanies, scarves, hopes and dreams before heading out for a night on the tiles.

Speaking to The Advocate moments ago via wireless telephone, Bill ‘Sampson’ Donald said he certainly took the opportunity to ditch his scarf in Yarra Park before finding a place to inhale a few schooners with his mates.

“I didn’t come all this way to lose,” explained Donald.

“If anybody asks me, I’m a Cats fan now. I might even go for them next year if the Swannies don’t make the finals. Who knows, I’m off to inject pints of Melbourne Bitter down my throat. Do they call them pints here? Or is that Adelaide?”

Echoing friend Bill’s remarks, Gavin Coolidge explained that he’s not used to the Swans losing clutch games of football, which is why he also threw his brand new scarf in the creek shortly after leaving the MCG.

“I used to be a Dragons fan, so it was easy for me to start going to Swans games. It was an easy transition. But I didn’t expect the Swans to choke as hard as the Dragons do, that’s been a hard cap to swallow.”

The Sydney Swans plan to return to the harbour capital later tomorrow. Despite the planned Monday welcome home parade being a sellout, not many are expected to turn out.

More to come.


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