Supporters of an Indigenous Voice To Parliament may be relieved to learn that former Prime Minister Scott Morrison has joined the loud chorus of conservative Christians who make up the Liberal Party’s official Vote NO campaign.

The No Campaign’s inclusion of one of the most incompetent political operators in Australian history could only be good news for those fighting for the constitutional recognition of Indigenous people.

This comes after months after Prime Minister Anthony Albanese revealed the only reason the Indigenous Voice has ended up going to a referendum, if because he was ask to offer then Prime Minister Scott Morrison “support” on the Voice shortly after the 2019 election, back before the Liberal Government decided to focus all of their attention on making it legal to sack gay employees and silencing female staff members, in between extravagant Hawaiian holidays.

As has been noted by the Coalition’s Indigenous Affairs Minister who was betrayed by Scott Morrison, Ken Wyatt, the then Prime Minister quickly gave up on his lip service and never once again mention a Voice to Parliament publicly – although maintaining his support for it while Albanese’s opposition continued conversations with Indigenous community leaders.

However 4 years later – after a crushing Federal election that nearly saw the Liberal Party irreparably damaged by the loss of over twenty seats – and an economic downturn caused by Morrison’s grotesque pork-barrelling, costly last minute policy changes, as well as extremely unethical political decisions that resulted in exorbitant pay-outs to class action plaintiffs – it seems that the Coalition are now fighting against an Indigenous Voice for no reason other than their need to remain relevant.

This week, Scott Morrison has joined the debate from the backbench, sending out a thousands of robotext messages stacked full of misinformation and lies about the Indigenous Voice model to his Cronulla constituents.

It is not yet known whether the NO Campaign has been actively avoiding any association with the former PM until this point, but bookmakers will be adjusting their referendum odds today, given Morrison’s habit of destroying anything he touches.


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