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IT’S FIVE O’CLOCK IN the afternoon and Kevin Geraghty’s stomach is rumbling.

As a young professional with close to nine thousand dollars worth of credit card debt and a backpack full of broken dreams, the 28-year-old  said he tries to tighten his fiscal belt when it comes to feeding himself during the week.

However, it’s Friday and the Longreach-based train engineer wants a special treat – a special treat that comes around only once a year.

“If you get down the club car park after 5pm, they’re basically giving it away,” he said. “Bugs, prawns oysters, you name it. They drive it in from Rocky overnight in the cool weather.”

“But, it doesn’t come without its risks,”

“There have been years when I’ve had some cheap caravan prawns in the afternoon, about 4 or 5 and by 9, it feels like I’ve been shot and two one-way streets have opened up inside me. Sometimes you just need to strip naked and lie down in the bath with the shower gently rinsing you with warm water while you vomit up the hill toward the sink and shit down the hill toward the drain,”

“But it’s so cheap.” he said.

In 2009, the CSIRO launched an investigation into the type of person who buys poached and thawed seafood from caravans. The report concluded that you’d have to be an especially rare human being to do so.




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