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Born and bred Brisbane girl, Anna Wilson (26) has today unveiled the most embarrassingly contrived faux-English accent since Don Cheadle appeared in the first Ocean’s Eleven film.

While insisting that she doesn’t know what you are talking about, Anna is making a very obvious effort to alter her inflexions and to not finish sentences with the word “aye”.

This shocking identity-shift comes after the 26-year-old yet-to-be-employed media professional ticks over her second month as an Australian abroad.

Anna is living in London. Or as she now pronounces it “Lundahn”

Speaking on the phone to a close friend this morning, Anna does not realise that her newfound accents sounds very much like a young woman who grew up in Moorooka, QLD – attempting to sound like she grew up in Fulham, UK

“I don’t n’hoh whaht you’are tawlking abowt, Dahrling,” she says, after being asked what the go is.

“M’hy voyse hasn’t changed at’all”

While friends and family pray that this new facade is nothing more than a phase, they find consolation in knowing that Anna has not yet changed her uniquely Brisbane fashion sense.

Close friend, Margot Bowler (25) says she was relieved to see Facebook photos of Anna still wearing the staple Brisbane outfit of a brightly multi-coloured muumuu and a bee hive hairstyle, with thick gold jewellery.

“It is a relief,” says Margot.

“And I heard she’s still been leaving the pub with stocky blokes wearing leather dress boots and tucked in checkered shirts – so it’s really no different to her being in Brisbane,”

“It’s just this accent. I hope it doesn’t last”.


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