In a heartwarming display of class solidarity, a group of local skaters have taken it upon themselves to destroy their city’s hostile architecture. Those charming metal stubs and uncomfortable benches strategically placed to deter homeless people are no match for a group of skaters determined to get that clip.

“It’s really inspiring to see young people getting involved and making a positive difference in their community,” remarked one local homeless activist.

“Many of these brave young men and women are fighting back against architecture solely designed to make life harder for those without homes, they should be commended”

The skaters’ approach to tackling anti-homelessness city policies has garnered widespread praise. 

Bizarrely, not a single skater interviewed by The Advocate had any idea that what they saw as vandalism has been celebrated by progressives around the country.

“Oh what? People like when we do this? that’s actually dope haha” said Anthony Miruzynski (26), a seasoned skater.

It’s not all praise the group has been receiving. Some people from the top end of town, who strangely rarely see homeless people in their day to day lives say the vandalism needs to stop, and benches and ledges were designed that way for a reason.

“I don’t mind homeless people, I just don’t want them to be comfortable,” said Susan Lowry (66), a local rich person.

One thing remains clear: as long as there are things getting in the way of that hectic clip, skaters will lay waste to whatever stands in their way, the praise or hate is irrelevant to them.


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