Following the stunned reaction generated by it’s milkshake consent video, the Federal Government is having another stab, this time enlisting the help of Lara Worthington (née Bingle).  

The videos are based on the “So where the bloody hell are you?” tourism campaign from 2006 that was so successful that it was banned in several countries.  

In the new video, Bingle and an unnamed male are sitting next to each other at a table drinking milkshakes. Suddenly the male reaches over and takes a handful of Bingle’s milkshake and rubs it on his face. An incredulous Bingle then asks ‘What the Bloody Hell are you doing?’ before slamming the man’s head into the table. 

“I think it sends a very powerful message about consent” said an anonymous Federal Government Spokesperson who was clearly trying to gauge the reaction to the latest attempt before associating herself with it.

“We’ve received a lot of positive feedback. Unfortunately the Department of Education has banned the video from screening in schools due to the bit at the end where Bingle smashes her milkshake glass on the table and glasses the antagonist of the story, but so far we’ve seen a 7% decrease in milkshake related assaults which is great.”

They are set to be released later this year.


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