20 June, 2016 11:00


Maverick North Queensland MP Bob Katter has called for Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to withdraw a controversial campaign ad apparently depicting a blue-collar worker endorsing the LNP.

The ad, which has featured over 300 times on commercial television since its release yesterday, shows a NIDA-trained thespian pretending to relay the sentiment apparently held by Australia’s aspirational class.

Mr Katter has said Turnbull should apologise.

“The advertisements were in the worst of taste and Mr Turnbull should apologise and withdraw them,” he said.

“What kind of tradesmen talks like that?” he said.

“I have miners, builders, wharfies and farmers in my electorate and none of them sound like this bloke,”

“Hearing that thespian say ‘mob’ sent chills down my spine. He looked like a Kings School principal on excursion. The high-vis vest wasn’t even dirty”

“Turnbull has lost the plot. Tell him to come up North and I can give him a crash course in how real punters sound,”

“What was the go with old mate complaining about not being able to invest in the property market. Most of his blue collar constituents can’t even afford to rent in that smug city of his.”

While Turnbull has himself declared that the video was probably not the most effective way of appealing to ‘non-private school people’ he has admitted that he has sought new measures to improve his messaging.

The Prime Minister has today hired a team of former ZOO magazine writers to help him appeal to Australian tradesmen

These comments come not even a week after Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had called on Bob Katter to take down a controversial campaign ad apparently depicting him shooting his rivals.

Katter’s ad shows two people wearing ALP and LNP shirts erecting an Australia “for sale” sign.

Mr Katter is then seen with a smoking gun and the two people lying on the ground behind him.

Katter has stated that his idea of an ad campaign is far more in-touch with the attitudes of Australians than the Prime Ministers.

“I represent the wild west, and I make no apologies. They loved that video and they’ll probably vote for me again,”

“Turnbull’s new ad is just patronising, surely he has someone working for him that realises Aussie tradies aren’t meant to sound like Stephen Fry,”

“It’s offensive, distasteful and just flat out pathetic. Take it down, Mal.”


BELOW: A real campaign video:




  1. Tradies are blue collar? You are joking! For one thing, as their mother so often said, her words still music in their ears, they are artists, who deserve all the tax deductions and trust distributions they can get.


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