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CLIMATE SCIENTISTS WITHIN THE Greens party have declared the drought over, as many long-parched swathes of Western NSW are now awash with swollen creeks and rivers.

Dams that were boiled dry by the sun just months ago are now overflowing, giving the few farmers who’ve weathered a lack of storms a little bit of hope.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale announced addition policy this morning in Melbourne in light of the recent historical downpours across farming land in Dubbo.

“Central West New South and other places like it have had their highest rainfall totals since a couple years ago,” he said.

“This means the drought is over because they’ve had heavy rain twice in a week”

“So we plan to cut assistance to farmers now because they should be OK from here on in. Besides, they can always sell up and move into town if they aren’t all right.”

The Greens leader has also been working with iconic hipster shoemaker R.M. Williams to create a ‘greener’ alternative to their famously leather footwear. As he made the announcement today,  he was spotted sporting a pair of custom boots, make with ethically sourced and fair trade bamboo fabric with the sole of the boot made from old Melbourne taxi tyres.

He hopes that by working with the former bush outfitter, people in regional areas will open up to green politics.

“The Greens are committed to helping and aiding agricultural workers in the third world, but not here because the drought is over,” he said.

“We’re confident that working with R.M. Williams will improve our ‘street cred’ in the bush because we want to get the message across to those people about the harm they’re doing to their environment. Educating dumb fucking rurals on climate change is a salient issue,”

“I feel good about myself.” he said.


  1. Hey Dick (sounds more appropriate than Richard, and we like using nicknames here in western Queensland) I have a pair of those RM Taxi Tyre&Bamboo Boots and it has really helped me understand Green politics. We call them the Prius Boots as their real environmental impact is bigger than those made with good old leather. By the time the bamboo has been cut to length by child labour in some leech infested jungle and then shipped into town on the back of a smoking scooter with a few endangered species and 10 pounds of hash, its pretty much doing more environmental and social damage than a 1950’s leather factory could in a whole footy season, so I guess thats pretty much got green politics covered.


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