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A Joe Rogan fan has today announced that he reckons that old coot can get fucked because Sweet Caroline isn’t that great anyway.

Ryan Proust [28] is reported to have gone on a bit of a tirade today, including a not so nicely worded Facebook rant about freedom of speech, and how he’s sick of Joe Rogan being demonised by journalists who clearly haven’t bothered to listen to any of his podcasts.

Stating that he agreed with Spotify’s decision, given Joe Rogan was a major drawcard and high earner for the platform, Ryan reckons the growing legion of musicians boycotting Spotify are ‘piss weak’ and are simply looking for ways to win back their five minutes of fame.

“Nobody gives a shit about Neil Young”, spits Ryan, “like what, he had one good song twenty years ago and now he’s spitting the dummy?”

“The only people that like Sweet Caroline are the footy and drunk cunts at the RSL”, says the man who seems to have gotten his wires crossed.

“And now Joni Mitchell? Sole reason I know of her is because Alan Rickman got his misso one of those CD’s in Love Actually.”

“Fucking bastard, going off with the secretary. What a cliche.”

“I hate him every Christmas.”

Taking a moment to huff from his grape vape, Ryan says Neil should go back to banging his bongos or whatever it is that he does, and ‘stop piggybacking off Rogan’s fame.’

When one of his colleagues piped up that he might have gotten his artist’s confused, Ryan immediately called him a sheep and went back to scrolling on his phone.

More to come.


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