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A group of friends has come together on a new group chat this afternoon to plan an intervention for local man, Dexter Pearson, after the 29-year-old was sprung watching Nine’s Young Sheldon unironically earlier this week.

Inside the new WhatsApp thread, Dexter’s housemates revealed they came home from work on Tuesday evening to find Pearson intently watching the garbage production.

It’s also alleged he wasn’t playing with his phone at the same, making the revaltions all the more distrubing.

Speaking exclusively to The Advocate this afternoon, Dexter’s housemate Ralph Doink said he needed to do something before he lost his friend to socially malignant television forever.

“This week it’s Young Sheldon, next week it could be Love Island,” said Ralph.

“Where do you draw the line? This has to stop and it needs to stop now. It stops with me. I mean, he even said Young Sheldon isn’t actually a bad show if you sit down and actually watch it,”

“Who is this guy and what’s he done with my friend Dex? I tell you what, I’d rather go have a beer with a bloke who thinks climbing Uluru isn’t a big deal than sit down on the couch with Dex and watch Young Sheldon. We’re having an intervention.”

Our reporter reached out to Dexter for comment but he was too busy enjoying an indoor cigarette while he watched Ellen.

Ralph also added that Dexter is between jobs and life partners at the same time so he might be feeling a bit flat at the moment.

More to come.


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