A local Betootan Nightclub has made a big announcement on its social media today.

The Rush, in Betoota’s Old City District, informed its 652 followers on Instagram and Facebook that there will be a celebrity in the building this weekend.

Mocked up by the club’s manager after a couple of hours of painstaking work on the computer, the announcement that someone from Married at First Sight, or Love Island, or the Bachelor maybe will be in town has sent shock waves through the community.

“Pretty big coup we’ve managed to pull off by getting Charlotte Waters in to host our Havana Club Party this weekend,” the manager said.

“We’ll be doing $15 entry for the first 50 people on the door, so make sure you get on down nice an early.”

The signing comes as the 4th nightclub appearance this month for the E Grade Celebrity on a desperate quest for relevance.

“She costs a fair bit actually, so hopefully she doesn’t just stand in the corner on her phone the whole time like the last reality star we had,” said the excited manager.

“Should be a cracking night. Everyone should make sure they get down there for the party in the club followed by the punch ons on the street afterwards.”


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