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Though he felt like it, first-year law student Gavin Hoskings didn’t sleep in and skip his morning lecture today.

That would’ve been the first class the 18-year-old would’ve missed, a bad habit he said he didn’t want to fall into.

However, the mild-overachiever broke with his own strict internal protocol this afternoon and enjoyed a mainstream craft beer over a lunch special down at the UniBar – something he never thought he’d do.

“Just look at me,” said the fresh-faced student.

“Here with a bunch of new friends, chatting and carrying on! Washing down this hamburger with a beer! You know, I’ve got a tutorial at 3pm. Might be turning up to that feeling a bit surly! [laughs] Just kidding, I’m only going to be having the one thank you very much!”

Feeling buoyed by new no-holds-barred attitude towards his studies, Hoskings was open to the idea of possibly having a few ‘post-class-bevies’ back at the UniBar before making the arduous train journey back to his parent’s display home on the city fringe.

More to come.


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