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Coming to the end of a relatively short week, with his boss away on business and only one meeting to attend, a South Betoota project manager has desperately tried to keep the silly season alive this afternoon by hitting up every group chat he’s in – trying to lock in a few after work.

Campbell Lieberman has had two false starts this week.

One on Tuesday when he had six schooners with a client and spent half the night writhing around in bed unable to fall asleep.

Then again yesterday, when despite getting four under his belt, he wasn’t able to complete the descend into a drunken stupor he’s grown to love.

“So annoying,” said the 25-year-old.

“All week I’ve just been tonguing for cold tins with the boys. Not just a couple, I’m talking about crushing ten at the Lord Betoota Hotel, then asking for a show of hands for who’ll be wanting a few bottles of nosé for later, we get a carton or three from the bottle-o on the way back to Slinko’s place and we will kick on and get very weird,”

“Is that so much to ask?”

So far, the desperate cry for help has received a few hot leads, as well as a few cold ones.

More to come.


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