A Northern Rivers of NSW parent has been left frustrated this morning after she was unable to get in on a craze sweeping social media.

Andrea Vaxxer (29), known as Andie amongst her friends, explained to The Advocate that she couldn’t get the FaceApp’s age filter to work on her young son Altruis.

The new FaceApp has taken social media by storm, with many applying a variety of filters to modify their faces, including the most popular age filter which predicts what people look like as they grow old.

“Really annoying actually, my family’s been posting photos of everyone looking old and I thought I’d get in on it, but I couldn’t get it to work for young Altruis,” she said over her fermenting batch of chai marmalade Kombucha.

“It’s weird because it works for me, but every time I try and put the age filter on Altruis, it just glitches out,” the Reiki Healer and anti-vaccination advocate said.

We contacted the FaceApp developers to ask about the issue and whether it was in fact a glitch.

“Yeah, it’s a tricky one,” explained one of the developers from a Ukrainian city.

“We aspire to be as realistic as we can with our filters, so, unfortunately, that means that with anti-vax kids we can’t actually create an image of them looking old.”

“Because obviously, you know, it wouldn’t be nice if we predicted what they’ll look like down the track.”

“So we just throw up an error code, and that’s that really. The craze will die down before it becomes much of an issue anyway.”


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