A Melbourne woman is recovering from the harrowing experience of getting stuck in the city’s infamous “coffee dead zone” — the chunk of time in the afternoon between three and five pm.

“I’ve heard of it happening to other people before. I just never thought I’d be one of them,” Catherine Elliott, 28, told The Advocate.

How did she find herself in this predicament? After a big night out the evening before, Elliott slept in exceptionally late. By the time she got herself up and dressed and went to seek out some coffee, it was too late.

“It was horrible, every café was closed but none of the restaurants were open yet. I felt so trapped.”

The experience has raised a lot of questions for Elliott. Questions nobody, it seems, has the answers to.

“Who decided people aren’t allowed to have coffee after 3pm? Isn’t that a decision we should be able to make for ourselves? This is bullshit.”

The City of Melbourne could not be reached for comment.


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