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Elise Souchez felt the weight lift off her shoulders this afternoon as she finally drew a line through 2022.

Today was the last work and social commitment for the year, and Souchez told us she was just about done.

“If I wasn’t already worn out from 11 months of slogging it out for a company that I don’t particularly like, I am completely fucked after 5 Christmas parties in the last week,” she said.

“Honestly, company Christmas Party Monday night, friends Christmas dinner on Tuesday, big clients Christmas drinks on Wednesday and now a “Team” barefoot bowls session this afternoon.”

“I’m fucked. I’m done. Put a fork in me” she sighed while shaking her head.

Souchez said her eyes are about to fall out of her head and she hasn’t done a single thing at work this week.

“I have been a present, I guess. But I reckon you could cumulate the total work done into a 2 hour slot. Oh well. No else seems to be doing anything anyway.”

The Advocate was told by Souchez that she won’t be leaving the house this week, in an attempt to lay low before an entire week of family.

“I have 33 cousins”

“This is going to be tough”


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