12 October, 2016. 11:34

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THE PREMIER OF NEW SOUTH WALES was left embarrassed after his trousers split open as he prepared to announce a ‘relaxation’ on takeaway alcohol legislation.

Speaking to the media this morning in Sydney, Mike Baird was about to speak before he dropped some papers. As he bent over to pick them up, his trousers split open and he quickly retreated back up the stairs and into Parliament House.

The news comes after Baird prepares to backflip on aspects of his signature legislation, the Lock Out™ laws – which would see bottleshops and pubs regain the privilege of selling takeaway alcohol until the noon of the night.

Moments after the embarrassing incident, a Liberal staffer was witnessed power-walking down Macquarie Street to the nearby Tarocash boutique to fetch a replacement pair of tailored slacks.

Coming just days after Baird backflipped on his controversial greyhound ban, this latest ploy has quickly regained him some support from the clutch young person demographic after he spectacularly made it difficult to stay out all night sinking watered down vodka and urinate publicaly.

“Yeah, look. If he’s been bent over this far, I’m confident the people can make him bend all the way around by 2019. We should be able to smoke in pubs again by then at this rate,” said Alex Ginsberg (24) of Epping.

A computer-generated-image of the position voters hope to have Premier Mike Baird in by next election. PHOTO: Supplied.

“It just goes to show the man isn’t made of stone. He listens to what’s popular and he acts on it. That’s what I want in a pollie, somebody who does what the people want. He’s got my vote come March ’19.”

However, many anti-lockout proponents have lashed out at the premier, labelling this latest backflip a ‘populist stunt.’

Speaking candidly to The Advocate this morning, young Sydneysider Angie Lunderman said this will do nothing to revive Sydney’s floundering nightlife industry.

“This only means more alcohol will be consumed at home, which will lead to a higher domestic violence rate and the breakdown of family,” explained the 29-year-old NGO worker.

“Perhaps when live music becomes popular again with people who have real jobs and have to be up at a respectable hour of the day, he’ll do something with that. Maybe when those same people find it acceptable to be up until 4am pissing on a nightclub wall, we’ll all be allowed to do it again.”

“But yeah, he’s got my vote now too. Things are heading in the right direction.


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