According to local tradesmen, Mitch Harley (28) the smoko break that was once ruled by ZOO magazine banter has now been overtaken by intense Instagram use – as grown men in high vis now follow 17-19 year old bikini models on the social media platform.

The end of lad magazines on worksites was for many months a soft spot in the all-male fields of construction and mining and processing – however, like all industries – the workers have been forced to evolve and adapt to new technology.

Mitch Harley says he only follows about 8-10 amatuer bikini models on Instagram, but knows of colleagues who follow up to 400 different accounts.

“I have my favourites. Shan from the Gold Coast is pretty high quality, I was one of her first 5000 followers. She’s up to about 200k nowadays,”

“My 58-year-old foreman only started using Instagram in June. He’s already following about 200 high schoolers,”

Mitch’s foreman, Bruce says the rise of tradesmen following ‘fashion’ accounts on Instagram was a natural procession from lad magazines.

“Every one used to complain about the shit we would read in ZOO Magazine. Well all I can say is this isn’t a very healthy alternative. My daughter is older than most of the birds we follow,”

Bruce lists Michaela Wain, Tash Oakley, Cassie Fenton and Devin Brugman as all some of his all-time favourites, but says he doesn’t like to see ‘his girls’ be exploited by money hungry brands.

“It really upsets me when I see them promoting teeth whiteners and body scrub. These girls are only young, they shouldn’t be exploited like that,”

“They should be just enjoying year 12 or uni. You know, at the beach, maybe in a sauna… Bali.”





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