25 August, 2015. 15:02

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A DUBBO FARMER has conceded that climate change “could very well be real” after a tornado swept through the western NSW town late yesterday afternoon.

46-year-old Muddy Brooker said that in all his years farming in the local area, he thought he’d seen everything Mother Nature could throw at him.

Only two years ago, Dubbo, Bourke, Brewarrina, Cobar, Narromine and Wellington were declared  natural disaster zones after a series of devastating bushfires moved through the area.

Furthermore in 2010, hundreds of local residents were evacuated from low-lying areas around the Macquarie Rover after record rainfalls flooded large areas of Dubbo – forcing
residents to flee their homes.

Tornado moves through Dubbo late on Monday afternoon. SOURCE: Mick Medlin/YouTube


“I’ve seen droughts, floods and bushfires – but so has my father and his before him,” he said.

“But I’ve never seen a tornado before. My mates and I have been talking over the phone all morning about it. We think the climate might be changing,”

“We’re torn though. I’m a very rusted on Nationals voter and they tell me that climate change is just green lefty scaremongering. But after seeing the tornado, I think those fuckwits might be on to something.”

Mr Brooker says he has no plans to move out of the area, saying the he doesn’t feel too worried.

Oddly enough, Brooker and his farming friends have chosen to endorse their local Greens candidate next election.

“Max and I had a good chat on the phone last night and we both think the Greens bloke needs to get in because he’s got the power to stop the tornados,” he said.

“For the time being, I couldn’t give two fucks about the boats or the economy. These tornados need to stop before they strike again,”

“We were unsure at first because he drives a Volkswagen and owns a coffee shop. But I guess he’s a necessary evil.”


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