Schappelle Corby is reportedly emotional and stressed after disembarking at Brisbane airport this morning, according to flight staff.

Since the plane touched down at 5.10am this morning, the convicted drug smuggler has been struggling with re-integrating to Australian society.

After her family and friends convinced her it was okay to get into a complete stranger’s car for the Uber ride home from the airport, Schappelle says she’d forgotten how beautiful and brown the Brisbane river was.

“I’m sick of all this blue crystal shit in Indo”

“This brown snake looks like it’s even gotten browner!”

The media scrums following her every given move have captured some of her most stressful moments today, including her encounter with the old Windows XP desktop at her mother’s house.

“Fuccccckkk!” she yells.

“What’s my password to Myspace again?”

Schappelle says after finally remembering her login details, she was distraught to learn that no one has posted on her wall since 2008


  1. Let’s not forget that she is without question guilty. Her whole family grows the stuff. There’s only one lesson to learn from the SC saga – don’t go to other people’s countries and break the law there.


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