A spicy pub conversation about some hectic shit has been aborted this afternoon, after the arrival of an outsider in the beer garden.

The discussion, which had so far touched on hot-button issues like punching on with bouncers and getting roots, was shut down immediately, after the third party intrusion.

“It was such a pain. Richie was just getting to the good part” says one patron, by the name of Zack.

The yarn-spinner, Richie (29), says he briefly considered continuing with the topic, until he noticed that he didn’t even get so much as a nod from the bloke who walked in and sat down not even two metres away.

“I thought he might be a safe bet. But he came off as quite anti-social” said Richie, who was halfway through telling a story about how he still was lucky enough to have sexual intercourse with his tinder date, even after throwing up a house party that they somehow ended up at.

“I didn’t even get a ‘don’t mind me’ from him. He just came in, looked us all up and down and then walked straight through our circle”

The outsider, by the name of ‘Beav’ says he thought he had just interrupted a drug deal.

“It was suss as” he says.

“Six blokes just stopped still and stared at me. I didn’t know what to do. I was just there for an after work schooey of BB”

“In hindsight, I should have told the fat one to keep going and assured him that I’m probably as much, if not more, of a pig as they are”

“But they didn’t trust me”.

The now compromised conversation continued as murmurs and whispers for a good five or so minutes, before the entire group made their way to the smoking pokies room to continue their piggery.



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