Nearly two decades of academic research has resolved the subject question of Kasey Chambers’ hit 2001 single, Not Pretty Enough.

According to, Shaun Nesser, a researcher from the University of Western Queensland, the 40-year-old Australian Country music singer-songwriter was, and still is, definitely pretty enough.

“There’s no question about it” he said.

“She had all the markers of 2001 South Australian country-pop-star beauty, notably a spiked updo and brightly-coloured satin formal dress.”

The SoFresh: Hits of September 2001 song had an important message, Nesser continues:

“This was the most pressing question of Australian country music as it shifted from the shindig-bush-dance 1900s to the arena-driven Swiftie 2010s”

“Miss Chambers’ song was an allegory for global country music’s then-declining popularity, disguised as a school disco slow-dance.”

Betoota Pub patron Louise Picket said of the study: “Yeah the chorus made me pretty sad, I might belt it for open mic tonight.”

Picket’s husband, Grant, says he definitely thinks Chambers was pretty enough and the same goes for his missus.


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