After 26 years in operation, and nearly sixteen different ‘rebrands’ – the Australian coffeehouse-style café chain, The Coffee Club is still insisting on serving chicken salted chips as a side to every meal.

2018 saw a ‘new and improved’ fit-out for the Australian dining institution, with the inclusion of more modern cuisine, such as ‘vegetarian’ and ‘steamed’ options on the menu.

However, it seems that across the board, franchisees are refusing to stop serving hot potatoes chips with chicken salt.

Brian Rococoko, the mid-morning-to-mid-afternoon shift manager for the Inala Coffee Club in South-West Brisbane, says that it’s all apart of ‘the CC charm’.

“We still serve kale, quinoa, and all that weird shit”

“But we’d be lying to our customers, and lying to ourselves if we took the chicken salted chips from the menu,” says Mr Rococoko, who says that with over 350+ stores in Australia and New Zealand, the Coffee Club must be “doing something fuckin’ right”

“We’ve got customers who come in here every day for breakfast. One long black, eggs on toast, large chicken salted chips with sour cream and chilli sauce,”

“It’s just standard Australian dining. If you don’t like it, you can fuck off back to Byron”



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