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Jeremy Clarkson has yet again found himself embroiled in yet another legal battle, only this time with the creators behind the 2003 reality show, ‘The Simple Life’, who have accused him of copying the show’s premise with his reality TV series, ‘Clarkson’s Farm.;’

A far cry from his days behind the wheel of luxury cars as a host of BBC Top Gear, Jeremy Clarkson’s foray into the world of farming has been yet another smash hit for the Yorkshireman, who was originally apprehensive that the show would do well at all – considering his major fanbase are used to his more high octane adventures.

However, despite these accolades, Clarkson has now been accused of directly ripping off the show’s premise from ‘The Simple Life’, which follows the adventures of two socilaites (Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie) taken from their world of luxury and excess, and forced to do menial labour – including a few episodes where they attempt to run a farm.

Critics have even argued that Hilton and Ritchie were better at farming than Clarkson, whose chaotic adventures have so far included destroyed crops, attempts to wrangle wayward animals, fights with farmworkers and the local council, and making fuck all profit.

It’s unknown at this point how far the legal proceedings will go, or if an agreement will be made, but likely, more to come.


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