Peter FitzSimons has admitted he's for the first time after years of speculation that the celebrity author was hiding the fact under his trademark red bandanna. PHOTO: AAP

2 January, 2014. 8:41

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PEOPLE around the country were deeply moved by the news this morning that Peter FitzSimons is finally ready to admit he is bald.

The former Wallaby great and lauded historian-turned-author ended years of speculation this morning on Twitter, saying he is “finally being true to himself”.

FitzSimons took to Twitter this morning to finally put the rumors to bed. SOURCE: Twitter

Rumors that FitzSimons was bald began to circulate in 2008, when he started wearing his now iconic red badanna in public. Since then, he’s had to vehemently deny claims that his “fashion choice” was actually a sophisticated cover up.

“For years and years, I kept telling myself I had hair,” said FitzSimons.

“I’ve been lying to myself and my family for far too long. I’m almost 55 now and I need to be true to myself,”

“Hopefully, this gives other sufferers of androgenic alopecia the courage to come out.” he said.

FitzSimons’ wife, Today Show host Lisa Wilkinson, has also revealed that she was one of few relatives that were privy to the fact that her husband was a “chrome-dome”.

“I knew before he even told me… I’ve kind of known this was the case since we got married. As you can imagine, It’s tough for everyone involved – but no one is feeling it like Petey. He’s knows I’m here for him 100%”

MUCH HAPPIER TIMES: FitzSimons is able to hide his early on-set baldness with strapping tape in the third test of the 1990 French tour of Australia. This same test saw French Center Philippe Sella red-carded for knocking FitzSimons out cold with a historic right hook.
HAPPIER TIMES: FitzSimons shows off far more hair in the third test of the 1990 French Rugby tour of Australia. This same test saw French Center Philippe Sella red-carded for knocking FitzSimons out cold with an historic right hook. PHOTO:Bruce Palme

Tributes have been flowing in for FitzSimons, with fellow victims of androgenic alopecia taking to social media to offer their condolences to the 53-year-old.

Bygone PM and baldness suffer, John Howard, says Mr FitzSimons is showing great courage in the face of adversity.

“When I was diagnosed with androgenic alopecia, my prognosis was very grim,” said Howard in a statement this morning.

“I thought my life was over – that happened when I was 29,”

“But I didn’t let it beat me… neither should Peter.” he said.

Androgenic alopecia is a condtion that affects the normal functions of epidermis and triggers hair loss in males. Currently there is no cure for the disorder – which claims the dignity of over 35 000 Australian men each year. 

To show support to the Androgenic Alopecia Foundation, please donate to this worthy cause instead.



  1. Devastated to hear of Mr FitzSimon’s affliction. If it can happen to someone like him… why, it could happen to anyone…
    My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family at this difficult time.

    • James, It does happen to “anyone” .. my daughter was 11 when she was first diagnosed and 12 when she became completely bald …. There are many, many stories … have a look at the AAAF site and you may be surprised …. Help us make more people aware so that it is easier for alopecians to “come out”..
      I would like to add :
      He is not dyeing he is just bald ….

  2. I will be waxing my arse in a show of support for the true FitzSimons . Please tell me where i can donate these valuable strips so they can be used by those not so brave as our Pete.

  3. I had a friend with the same issue. It often made two comments that I think ‘covered’ it.

    1. God gave man only so much testosterone to live with. If you want to use yours for growing hair then….

    2. It’s not baldness.. It a solar panel for a sex machine

    It’s all how you look at the problem. I suffer the opposite. At 6 weeks I had to get my first hair cut and I need to get it done every 5 weeks else I start to look like a wild man. I’m 55 also and I just wish it would Slow Down!!!! Even the4 lawns grow slower than this mop!!

  4. Oh. My. God., my beautiful husband has this condition! We just thought he was balding, how did we get it so wrong? He believes that God made a few perfect heads, the rest he covered with hair. Thanks for coming out Fitzy! I now know my husband is going to be fine 🙂

  5. Had it at 11 for 5 years. Have it all over now @ 47. Peter Garrett has it but won’t admit it. Take a spoonful of cement and harden up. Your hair doesn’t define you. Unbelievable. Bloody sooks.

  6. No problems with your horrific racism Peter? Your anti gypsy hatred is well known.I`m guessing you get your vile attitude from your racist wife who didn`t say a word to Dawn Fraser during her interview about the tennis player.

  7. I often wondered why the hell this halfwit was on tv and published in the media, now it all makes sense – he used to play rugby. Thanks betoota, mystery solved. Howzabout some footage of him getting knocked out?

  8. I cannot believe this is an actual article.

    Some ridiculous story about a media whore/mediocre D grade celebrity losing his hair at 50? Oh no call out the Armed forces.

    This is reportable? No it is clearly the media on laughing gas again.

    I for one am sick and tired of these assholes presenting themselves as victims and then having their dickhead friends try to add weight to a trivial rubbish story.

    This is the same feeling of disgust I get when I see a Hollywood “celebrity” saying “Oh I do all my own stunts” or rescuing a third world child while they’re just happens to be a number of film crews in the neighborhood to record the propaganda.

    I think I just threw up


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