As Australian farmers continue to battle the ravages of drought, the National Farmer’s Federation has called on Australians to help drought-affected farmers by saving water.

Whilst many of the measures suggested involve changes to everyday life, the easiest measure to adopt could be the one that makes the most difference.

“All we are asking is that Australians continue to not drink light beer” said 4th generation farmer Joe Wheeler.

“This year’s crop is down to just 15% of what we could manage with some decent rain so as long as Aussies continue to treat light beer with the contempt it deserves we might be able to make it through these tough times.”

In a statement, the CSIRO Climate Science Centre said the flow-on effects of drinking light beer could be devastating.

“A bottle of light beer consists primarily of beer-flavoured water so if Australians actually started drinking it, the draw on the national water supply would be totally unsustainable.”

“If it wasn’t for the fact that light beer in Australia is used mainly as bottle shop fridge garnish we could start seeing irreparable damage within 2 years; if people actually started drinking it for some reason.”


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