In breaking news, Isabelle Kookai-Sebastian from Betoota Grove is off to Europe, but won’t be doing it like most people, it can be reported.

The news comes as the 27-year-old fashion design graduate took to Instagram last night to ask if anyone has been to Albania.

Given that most of Betoota’s European pilgrims and private school trust fund kids will be hitting the default itinerary, which usually includes time in Italy, Greece, potentially Portugal and a guaranteed final week in London to “visit family”, The Advocate can report Isabelle is determined to prove she’s doing Europe differently.

“Anyone got tips for Albania?” Isabelle posted to IG last night, as if her followers all worked at Flight Centre.

“Btw does anyone have a good surf camp recommendation for Morocco, I’ll be there in July x” she added a few hours later.

Isabelle’s social signalling has amused a few people in town, because despite her efforts to rebrand herself as an edgy free spirit that’s one backpacker trip away from an ayahuasca camp, it’s well known she’s an old girl from North Betoota Girls Grammar, and half her class will probably be on the same Qantas flight to Heathrow paid for by their parent’s points card.

“We know all what she’s doing, she’s just bursting to tell the world she doesn’t have to work for two months and is Europe bound,” one former classmate told The Advocate.

“You watch, next week she’ll be asking if anyone has got tips for Tomorrowland, or experience booking a hot air balloon for Cappadocia.”

“Like give it a rest Hun, just google it or find out on TikTok like the rest of us…” 


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