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Despite playing football at the brown paperbag club, socks down country boy Angus Critchon has been questioned once again by the NSW Police Asian Crime gang over allegations he’s a member of the Australian yakuza.

Yazuka members often have part of their pinky finger removed as punishment for indiscretions.

Both of Mr Critchon’s pinky fingers are in tact.

“I keep telling the police that but they don’t listen,” Angus told The Advocate today via telephone.

“It’s the pink finger. I had part of my rude finger chopped off. I mean, I don’t know how clearer I can be?”

A spokesperson from the NSW Police took time out of their busy afternoon of licking windows and harrassing homeless people to provide comment on Mr Critchon’s case.

They said they’ve received credible tip offs regarding Mr Critchon’s involvement in organised crime.

“We received an anonymous tip-off and the P’lice have followed it up as protocol,” they said.

“We take these things very seriously, especially if they’re coming from Luke Keary. Actually, can you take that part out. That was confidential.”

More to come.


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