As Australians return to a world where international travel is once again on the cards, travellers are becoming reacquainted with the bizarre experiences that come with spending 14 hours in the direct company of a hundred complete strangers.

As everyone remembers just how unpleasant microwaved food is, and just how addicted we all are the non-stop connectivity of social media – the most testing element of a long haul flight is most definitely the everyday people that one must graze elbows with.

However, it’s the passengers seated a row in front that we learn the most about.

Like, for example. The 55-year-old woman who pumps 6 mini champagnes at the same pace as her adult son, and then sits back and reads a book.

Or the young parents who don’t seem to think it may be a little how ya going to change an infant’s nappy at their seats, in a fully pressurised cabin.

Or the rather interesting bloke seated directly in front, who has decided that this is the time for him to binge watch arguably the most low rung sitcom in the history of television.

While two episodes of the Big Bang Theory might be acceptable, for someone who is unfamiliar with the programme and just wanted to give it a try – it is definitely not okay to watch eight of the motherfuckers.

But this bloke has done just that, and he’s just ordered a cup of tea with 4 of those full cream milk portions. That’s a really milky tea.

At time of press, old mate was now completely familiar with the different plot lines of this story about a hot babe who moves into an apartment across the hall from two brilliant but socially awkward physicists, and shows them how little they know about life outside of the laboratory.

As his laughter grows louder, it also appears that season 3 is the earliest available on the in-flight entertainment. Meaning his has just picked up this TV show with very little context. And he’s loving it.


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