The rumours that an South Australian is now a multi-multi-multi millionaire has been confirmed today, after a suspiciously flash car was spotted cruising down Adelaide’s Hindley street.

This comes as the lotto confirms that an old fashion paper ticket-holder won the entire $150 million Powerball jackpot last night, setting a new record for the largest individual lottery win in Australia.

The identity of Adelaide’s now richest person is yet to be revealed, with more details to come. However, there are some very clear signs.

Earlier today, a Cheltenham jet ski retailer reported an anonymous customer had purchased ‘his and her’ pink and blue Seadoos outright.

A prominent Adelaide jeweller in the city centre has also revealed that he has been commissioned to forge a diamond-encrusted 24 karata Adelaide Crows-themed medallion neckchain.

The ticket was not registered to the player’s card, which means they bought it at a newsagency and will therefore remain unnamed to everyone except the old bloke beyond the counter when he cashed it in.

However, it seems that it will not take long for locals to figure out who it was – especially after an 8 seater 1988 HSV Commodore limousine was spotted roaring down Adelaide’s busy party strip with a big fuck off cannon exhaust.

The vehicle is believed to have been lowered considerably, with spinning rims and a sound system that bangs like a dunny door in a cyclone.

The South Australian Gucci outlet located in Adelaide Central Plaza can also report that it has sold out of their Original GG Baseball cap that is most popular with eshay youth. This suggests the winner has already started shouting the nephews


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