THIS AIN’T HOME AND AWAY: Western Sydney UFC heavyweight Bam Bam Tuivasa has notched another brutal knockout in Las Vegas over the weekend, bringing his record to four consecutive wins — all by KO.

After struggling through a three-fight losing streak, Tuivasa returned to form last year after relocating to Dubai to avoid Australia’s strict hotel quarantine requirements before and after each fight.

His new, uninterrupted, training regime appears to have paid off – judging by his second round assault of rapid fire haymakers during Saturday’s UFC 269.

Tuivasa endured a punch-for-punch opening round against the Brazilian Augusto Sakai, before catching him with a well-timed left hand in the second. With his opponent momentarily stunned, Tuivasa then showcased the uniquely Western Sydney martial arts discipline of absolutely feeding ’em.

Bam Bam then opened up with a subsequent barrage of punches that could land a civilian in Long Bay if they were thrown in the car park of Penrith Westfield, where the young Uso first learnt to fight.

The International MMA community was left almost as shocked as Sakai by this display of unadulterated biffing, as the 28-year-old went full Mount Druitt with a clean right-hand on the jaw, leaving his opponent crumpled on the ground just 26 seconds into the 2nd of 3 rounds.

“I feel I’m getting better and better at this sport,” Bam Bam said after celebrating with a ‘shoey’ on top of the cage.

“I heard my corner say that left’s opening up. I’ve said it before, I’m a banger from western Sydney and I’ll bang with anyone.”

UFC commentator Joe Rogan was in disbelief as the former Sydney Rooster reserve grader switched off Sakai at the wall.

“I believe the Australians call this style of fighting ‘Feeding ‘Em’ – it’s not what we are used to seeing in the UFC” said Rogan.

“This looks like a man that would have learnt a lot of his craft on the asphalt surfaces of Western Sydney’s light industrial suburbs”

It is not yet known who Tuivasa will be put up against next, but UFC owner Dana White say they are struggling to find opponents who are capable of getting close to Bam Bam without ‘getting fed’.


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