With a potential player’s strike still on the cards, fans of other clubs have put their hands together to thank the Wests Tigers for starting the potential player’s strike ten years early.

At the time of writing, the Rugby League Players Association (RLPA) are in continued talks with the Australian Rugby League Commission (ARLC) and National Rugby League (NRL, der) over a financial offer that best captures the needs for player’s salaries, benefits and funding for programs. 

The aforementioned programs include healthcare for players that suffer long term injuries as a result from concussions and post-career pathways that aren’t one of a dozen Murdoch funded commentary jobs that do more to raise awareness for the symptoms of CTE than the league ever has.

Although every single player involved has made it abundantly clear that any potential action, including a strike, is over far more than just increased salaries, as a member of the mainstream media I can confirm to you it is just over increased salaries and they are greedy knobs for even asking in the first place.

Aside from an all-out player’s strike, potential actions by players could include covering up the NRL logo jerseys, refusing to do post-game interviews and refusing to wear a pride jersey – although that last one might be for homophobia related reasons.

Presently, no such action has taken place in 2023 except for in the case of the Wests Tigers who have refused to show up in the trials, as they have in basically every other game over the past ten years.

“Thank you Tigers, not only have you stood up for player welfare but we can always count on you for two points,” stated the Rugby League Fans Association (RLFA) during a ‘fans of the top 15 meeting’.

“Your refusal to play not just finals games but any footy at all over the past ten years has not gone unnoticed, not just by your long suffering fans who should all receive some sort of government funded therapy, but by the fans of every other team who can treat a game against youse as a more exciting bye round.”

“Except for some of the Parra fans amongst us hahahaha! Ayoooo!”

While Tigers fans reading this may want to take solace in the fact that finishing 2022 with the spoon means 2023 can’t be worse, we at The Advocate would like to remind you that with Redcliffe joining this year it actually could be as 17th place is now an option.


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