Less than a week after the Federal Government announced that they were going to do all the hard work, the AFL club presidents have voted unanimously to grant Tasmania the game’s 19th licence, fulfilling decades of dreams for a team from the island state.

It is not yet clear if this decision is directly related to the announcement that a $715 million federally funded football stadium at Hobart’s Macquarie Point is forecast to be built by 2029, but either way, it’s kind of funny.

The granting of the licence now goes to the AFL Commission for a formal ratification, as the game’s governing body weighs up the very real issues with having an uneven amount of teams in the competition, and having a new club located on island with the same population as Canberra – and far less interesting things for an 18-year-old man to do in their down time.

The comparisons to the ACT will be made quite a lot throughout the next few weeks, given the fact that the capital already struggles luring young rugby league and rugby union talent to their freezing cold town with two nightclubs.

An official AFL announcement of the licence is expected later in the week.

But, lol.


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