Rugby Australia’s crack marketing pigeon has today swooned into the office for one of the biggest days of the year.

“NRC semi-final today,” cooed the excited pigeon who donned his best pair of cream chinos and favourite Baxter boots.

“The Baxters mean business.”

“The Perth team and a Queensland one. I’ve been mocking up some nice photoshops to promote whoever makes it through to the Grand Final.”

The pigeon who got the job after a former Wallaby whose mate’s with the pigeon’s dad recommended him for the gig said he actually forgot the Wallabies were playing the biggest game in the last few years tonight.

“Oh yeah, I did a post about the team getting named the other day. Is that tonight?” asked the pigeon who was disappointed he couldn’t get down to the member’s section at Randwick today.

“I better do something about that actually. People might care about the Wallabies playing the old enemy for a spot in the semi-finals of a competition that happens once every four years.”

“What do you think of these cuff links actually while you are here?”

We told the pigeon they looked nice.

The rest of Rugby Australia’s team were unavailable to comment as no one else was in the office.

More to come.


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