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A local Yoga enthusiast has had her peaceful chakra disrupted this afternoon after remembering that she hadn’t got her boyfriend a souvenir from Bali.

Giselle Smyth (26) told The Advocate that the panic shot through her like a lightning bolt.

“I can’t believe I forgot to get him something”

“Well, actually I kind of can. I was at such peace of in my fully catered and staffed villa”

The twenty-six-year-old aspiring influencer then raced through the Betoota domestic airport desperately trying to find a gift that didn’t look like an afterthought.

“I got this tobelerone”

Giselle forgetting to get her partner a present while on holidays is not unique to her situation, it’s a commonly known fact that girlfriend’s expect presents but rarely remember to purchase them.

Men’s Rights Activist, Brendann Kelly, says he’s sick of the double standard.

“Could you imagine if a bloke didn’t get his missus a present? You wouldn’t hear the end of it.”

“Then this poor guy gets a Toblerone and he’s supposed to just deal with it?”

“Ah well”


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