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The AFL has once again reminded the nation how fucked in the head their culture and leaders are today.

While most people are aware of how racist the AFL and its Southern and Western clubs are, a new report has revealed just how crook the people who run the game can be.

An external review commissioned by the Hawthorn Football Club has detailed shocking and abhorrent allegations of racism, cultural failings, and disgusting behaviour by officials, coaches, and powerbrokers.

Broken in the media by the ABC, who aren’t afraid of the old boys club like their media counterparts, the detailed investigation by the public broadcaster reveals a long list of terrible allegations including the separation of first nation’s players from their families, forced pregnancy terminations, and plenty of full-blown racism.

Recounts from players have alleged the club forced them into changing sim cards and immediately ceasing all contact with their partners and families and forcing partners into abortions, among a raft of other things that were going on at the so-called family club.

The sickening report has reportedly sent shockwaves through the AFL, with the morally bankrupt people involved and who run the game desperately trying to manage the allegations like a run-of-the-mill PR affair.

The former coach of the club and racist cunt Alistair Clarkson has yet to respond to allegations he was involved in isolating First Nations players from their partners and families and pressuring them into doing terrible things.

North Melbourne, the club that has just hired him on a 5-year contract (seemingly pretending that they had no idea about these allegations), has yet to respond.

Brisbane who is coached by Chris Fagan, the Hawk’s former assistant coach has also yet to provide an adequate response.

The boss of the AFL Gillon McLachlan has given a press conference where displayed what he learned in PR 101 and said fuck all about the damning allegations.

It’s unknown whether they’ll be any repercussions for their disgraceful behaviour, but given they are a rich club in Melbourne’s inner east, it’s probably unlikely.

It’s believed the new scandal will be given 5% of the coverage of the Essendon doping saga.

More to come.


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