The Middle East nation of Qatar is facing even more criticism this week, over its hosting of the FIFA World Cup.

Once known as a tournament where players from all over the world would descend on a nation to celebrate the beautiful sport of ‘football,’ the World Cup is now a revenue raising exercise for corrupt organisations, officials and multinational brands.

The opportunity to make huge amounts of money has now seen the host nation of Qatar reveal that they are gonna charge between 20 and 100 dollars for a pint of beer.

The conservative nation that sends people to jail for holding hands with members of the same sex understandably doesn’t like things like beer, hence charging people Sydney prices for a pint of the stuff.

“Jesus, at least at Opera Bar you can enjoy a nice view of the Harbour,” said one furious Englishman heading over to the shittest world cup in the history of sport.

That beer related news which has made fans more angry than the deaths of 8,000 migrant workers building the demountable stadiums, has caused Qatar to defend their hosting rights once again.

“Yeah, turns out awarding the world cup to a corrupt nation to line the feathers of a few FIFA officials wasn’t a great idea,” sighed the furious Englishman down at Betoota’s Lord Kidman hotel.

“Thanks FIFA for destroying this sacred event and destroying the lives of hundreds of thousands of people so a fossil fuels giant can’t sportswash their tarnished image.”

“And charging me 40 bucks for a schooner of Heineken…”

“Gonna cost me more than a big weekend in the Harbour City, and the nightlife’s gonna somehow be even shitter.”

More to come.


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