Scott Morrison has embarrassed himself over the weekend with a catastrophic gaffe at the Parramatta Eels vs Cronulla Sharks match.

His appearance at Bankwest Stadium for an NRL match was a very important outing for the Prime Minister, as he strives to continue showing up for photo shoots that make him like a good bloke.

After a weekend of visiting flood ravaged towns that have just finished all the heavy lifting, Morrison needed to finish the weekend shaking hands with footballers, most of whom think that his name is Malcolm.

Scotty From Marketing has copped some severe backlash over the last week after he was forced to defend the government’s handling of Brittany Higgins’ rape allegation and the historic rape allegation against Christian Porter in a bombshell A Current Affair interview. Over the weekend, it was also revealed that another MP from the Morrison Government has been caught out abusing women online and upskirting waitresses with his phone camera.

While Scotty has been pinballing around marketing opportunities with his team professional photographers, Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has had to step up and do the Prime-Ministery stuff.

Like yesterday, when Frydenberg had to step up to finally address the upskirt scandal involving Andrew Laming MP.

Frydenberg has also stepped up as the go-to Canberra contact for Queensland Health, who have worked tirelessly to keep the Federal Government across the developments in contact tracing the newest outbreak of community transmissions in Greater Brisbane.

Morrison has instead opted to focus on protecting his own image, after a nightmare week being torn apart after burning his bridges of goodwill with the Murdoch Media and Channel 9.

However, his appearance at the footy has not gone to plan, after Scotty accidentally walked into the wrong change rooms at full time.

“Better luck next time boys!!” Morrison yelled at a room full of Parramatta players and staff.

“You did your best tonight!”

The Parramatta Eels, who were halfway through celebrating their win over Cronulla, were not immediately aware that their Prime Minister had forgotten his own team colours – as he began shaking hands with players he’d never met before.

However, it soon became quite clear that this rugby league pretender had walked into the wrong change room and couldn’t tell the difference between this group of tattooed young men, and the other group that is supposed to support.

“I love Cronulla. And I love you boys!” he said, again without noticing that there wasn’t one person in the room wearing sky blue.

“Quick, lets pose for a photo”

“Wait. Where is Gallen?!” Morrison asked, enquiring on the wherabouts of the former club captain who retired two seasons ago.

“We need BIG GAL in the photo!”

“He did well out there tonight!”


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