Brisbane Broncos captain Adam Reynolds and his vice Patrick Carrigan have been forced to front a press conference today, as the rugby league media demand questions about a viral video that showed the two involved in scuffle on last night.

Three weeks from the squad travelling to the US for the innaugral Las Vegas round, the duo were filmed taking part in a bit of hoo haa after the club’s fan day on Sunday.

The incident, which was filmed and shared by treasonous Brisbane bystanders, has sparked an NRL Integrity Unit investigation which will probably be a ripple in the ocean compared to the imminent tidal wave of scandals that will be piling up on their desk after the Vegas Round

Both fronted up to media this morning to say they take “full responsibility” for their actions, before attempting to gently explain to the media pearl-clutchers that this melee is simply just a rugby league right-of-passage.

Reynolds said he understood having a “bit of a wrestle” and a “playful fight”, after “mucking around” with his 2IC, became “a little bit heated”.

“He needed to show me that he’s up to the top job, I needed to show him that I’ve still got the dawg in me”

“It was a pretty clear tie. I think what it proves is that I’m still good to lead the boys, but Paddy is ready to take over at any moment”

“His time will come, and he will be ready when it does. But this old bull needed to lock horns with the young calf for us all to realise that”

Broncos coach Kevin Walters confirmed the club would take no action against the players but also agreed that this kind of scuffle is necessary for a smooth ‘handing over the torch’ process within rugby league clubs.

“You should’ve seen the scraps that were taking place in the Broncos when the time came for the old bull and the young calf must lock horns when me and my brothers were coming through”

“We had Gene Miles and The King to reckon with. The same shit happened back then, and it was necessary that it happened”

“It’s good for the club. It gets rid of ego and drafts up the succession plan”

“Anyone who thinks this behaviour ‘is a bad look’ obviously hasn’t been out in the Valley on a summer evening. This was child’s play”

Vice-captain Carrigan wouldn’t say whether he was drunk but lamented the position he put himself in.

“It doesn’t matter how much you drink up here really. You mix this kind of humidity with even a couple beers, you’re gonna go mad regardless. You can ask the cops about that”

“Either way, I’m kinda chuffed that my captain didn’t drop me like a bitch. I held my own, and I know that the old heads at the Broncos have seen that footage. It’s going to be referenced quite a lot when mapping out our next couple seasons”


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