A local fibber has been caught telling a flat out fib today.  

The fibbing occurred a short time ago on the Gibber Plains of the Channel Country, when Grace Nguyen was speaking to a couple of her mates. 

The young lady from Betoota’s Flight Path district caused a bout of laughter after making a simply absurd claim to her girlfriends. 

“I’d actually never tell anyone if I won the lotto,” claimed Grace, brandishing her  Tuesday Oz Lotto ticket she picked up while the girls were waiting for their coffees. 

The foolish statement raised the ire of her mates, who know Grace as the biggest gossip in their entire social circle. 

Grace tried to explain that she’d keep the win a secret, because she wouldn’t want people to treat her differently. 

While her gal pals agreed they could generally understand the sentiment, there was no way the loudest mouth in the neighbourhood would be able to keep a life changing amount of money to herself. 

“You literally blurted out the secret that Vanessa was pregnant less than an hour after you were sworn to absolute secrecy,” laughed one of her mates. 

“You swore on your mum’s life you wouldn’t say anything.” 

“How about the time you told everyone Phil got fired, when it was supposed to be top secret,” laughed another. 

“Girl, I love that you mean well, but there’s no way you are keeping a secret as big as that.”

“You couldn’t even keep a secret about who used the last of the milk and left it in the door of the fridge.” 


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