In some news from across the ‘dutch,’ the nation of New Zealand has reportedly forgotten his humility this week.

This comes after the nation’s citizens come to terms with the fact that it looks increasingly likely that they won’t win the Bledisloe this year.

That would mark the first time since 2002 that the mighty All Blacks won’t have won the Bledisloe series against the Wallabies.

Speaking in the comments section of some Facebook post, one spokesperson for the nation that seems miles ahead of us on a number of issues, demonstrated that the humility of All Blacks fans is fast disappearing now that they aren’t winning.

“Thus uz bullshut,” (sic) explained the whining South Auckland man named Richie Read to The Advocate over the phone today.

“Utz not beyond tha reelms of possublutees thet tha Ozzie government created thus virus to stop tha Mughty All Blecks from wunning the Bledusloe aguen,” (sic) he said.

The shambles that is Rugby Australia has unsurprisingly yet to comment on the accusations they created the virus in an effort to stop bleeding in the Bledisloe as the All Blacks close in on 20 consecutive titles.


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