As the nation adopts to the concept of indoor fitness, Australia’s most iconic television exercise program has revealed making a comeback.

Aerobics Oz Style first graced our screen in 1982, before being discontinued on Channel 10 over 15 years ago.

However, as of this week, it’s back – delivering all of the sexy housewife fitness routines that have been traumatically engrained into the memories of an entire generation of kids who watched their mums working out in the living room in pastel nineties leotards.

And unfortunately, with the re-release of the program, comes the creepy glitter in the eyes of the nation’s dads.

One local old boy, Pete Paisley (61) says he reckons the decision to put Aerobics Oz Style back on free-to-air is a great call – and has convinced his wife Margie to roll out the old foam mat.

“Personally, I can’t understand why Yoga took off. This aerobics stuff is hard to beat” he says, while checking out his own wife.

Despite subtle protests from his sons and daughters who are currently isolating in the family home for the duration of the pandemic, Pete goes on to pump up their mother’s tyres about her old choice in activewear.

“Forget the PE Nation, love” he says.

“Go on, whip out the leotard”

As the protests from his children grow louder, both Pete and Margie make their way to the garage, and begin rummaging through the boxes of storage.

“Got it!” shouts Margie, as she rushes back into the living room with a spandex leotard.

The children are now begging for her to stop.

She turns on the TV and finds today’s recorded episode of the Oz Style.

“I’ll be with you all shortly” she says, while making her way to the bedroom.

Pete opens a beer and sets himself up in prime position on the couch.


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