17 October, 2016. 13:23

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THE PUBLISHERS OF MICHAEL CLARKE’S biography have announced their pleasure at Pup’s willingness to throw his teammates under the bus for a cheap headline, ahead of his book’s release tomorrow.

Appearing on the Nine Network’s 60 Minutes programme last night, the 35-year-old retired cricketer explained exactly how he felt about some of his former colleagues in an explosive, exclusive and controversial interview with Allison Langdon.

Speaking to The Advocate earlier this afternoon, Pan MacMillian editorial coordinator Annie Cartwright said she could hear the clang of cash registers after hearing what Pup had to say on the current affairs programme.

“We had to cut a little cheque to get him on there, but Christ Almighty. We never thought those comments would generate this much publicity,” she said.

“This is going to translate into thousand upon thousands of book sales. What he said on 60 Minutes is just the tip of the iceberg – but it’s piqued the interest of pretty much every cricket fan in the country. We’ve already put an order in for a second edition ahead of Christmas,”

“Whoever said print media is dead obviously hasn’t spent much time around the Australian cricket team. Every bloke there has a different opinion of what happened. We’re even prepared to offer Chris Rogers a book deal. We’re going to be rich.” she explained.

However, not every member of the cricketing fraternity is pleased with the manner in which Clarke’s chosen to air his obvious grievances with his former teammates.

Colin ‘Funky’ Miller has taken to social media to outline the manner in which Clarke’s comments raised his eyebrows overnight, saying only that this sort of chit-chat shouldn’t be aired on a programme like 60 Minutes.

“The thing is, cricket is a funny game. There’s a big difference in personality for example, between an opening batsman and a quick bowler. They’ll always be trouble. Anyway, people had issues with other people, but you’d never know because people don’t talk about it,” said Miller.

“Case in point being Magilla Gorilla. He’s a smart bloke, but he didn’t really gel with the team because he loved wine and a good book. That’s pretty sus if you ask me. Anyway, despite him being a bit of a weirdo, we loved the little bastard because he’d do his part and he’d do it well,”

“Bring this shit out of the change rooms is a bit shit, especially when you’re just about to release a book. Which reminds me.” he said.


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