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The trolls just won’t leave Lucy Zelic alone.

The host of SBS’ coverage of the FIFA World Cup has been targeted again overnight, this time for her pronunciation of English footballers names.

Covering this mornings match which saw England beat Colombia in a penalty shootout, Lucy Zelic notably rolled her R’s when pronouncing striker Harry Kane’s name.

The heir to the late great Les Murray has received a lot of criticism online during the World Cup, with some fans claiming that she over-enunciates players names.

The ongoing criticism resulted in a heartfelt defence by Lucy and her fellow host and Wollongong Wolves advocate Craig Foster, which gained traction across social media.

However, the debate about whether Zelic is overemphasising the pronunciation of foreign names looks set to tee off again after she continually referred to the English forward as ‘Arieee Kaaaaiinee.’

Some on social media were quick to light up the well-regarded presenter during the coverage with one Twitter user saying:

“Smdh. Lucy if you wanna get Harry Kane’s (pronounced Hah-Ree Caine) name right, just say it like Michael Caine would! Please lose the Croatian accent that you have had since childhood to appease myself and other Twitter users who are wound up.”

However, there were some who lept to Zelic’s defence, with one account pointing out that Harry Kane can’t even pronounce his own name, calling himself Hawwy Kane, and if he tried to read out the English team sheet correctly he could drown in his own saliva.


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