Betoota Heights resident Trev (50) has today assured The Betoota Advocate that he actually doesn’t care that the Sydney Roosters have lost young game-breaker Latrell Mitchell ahead of the 2020 season.

The man celebrating half a century up today down at a local pub has explained that he isn’t concerned at all about losing the dynamic young centre who helped provide his team with the spark they need to win.

“We’ll be fine mate, Aubo’s (Mitch Aubsson) still got a bit in the old legs and if not we can slot Brett Morris in there,” the Roosters superfan aggressively said a short time ago.

The words come as the local man begins to prepare for a long hard slog pretending he isn’t sad about the centre responsible for setting up the Grand Final winning try against The Milk this year.

“Honestly, we’ll be fine,” he followed up again to his chuckling mates.

This comes after Trev had a couple of big slices earlier on during a round of golf this morning, when his mate Steve was baiting him about the Roosters’ and their Salary Sombrero.

“That salary sombrero chat is appalling,” maintained Trev this afternoon.

“Deadset, all these salty NRL fans love to throw it around but it’s the cheapest, shittest chat.”

“I’m sorry we actually have a well-run organisation that knows how to look after it’s players,” said the now visibly irritated Roosters fan.

“It doesn’t bother me, it’s just shit chat, okay” he laughed.

It’s not yet known how long Trev will continue to pretend he isn’t sad about the generational talent that is Latrell Mitchell leaving, but his mates say it could be quite some time.


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