Local footy referee, Jock Smith (35) has somehow managed to adjudicate an entire reserve grade rugby league match using painted on eyes.

The Bedourie-based insolvency agent was criticized by supporters from both clubs when his lack of real eyesight became apparent – with hostility arising from a shocking error that saw him allowing a 6th tackle try in the first 15 minutes.

It is believed that several overly competitive dad’s in the crowd were the first to notice that Mr Smith’s eyes were actually painted on, before taking it upon themselves to point out his inability to recognise offside players.

Other tell-tale signs that the eyes he was using weren’t doing their fucking job was the red card that was given to Betoota Dolphins vice-captian, Joe Clements was falsely accused of eye-gouging.

Local Dolphins supporter, Nial Lipson (56) says he knew for a fact that the ref’s eyes were painted on, and a perfectly day of footy was ruined because of it.

“It’s a just a shame you know” he said.

“We paid good money at the gate and this fucking prick ruined it because his eyes were painted on”







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