If asked to list her favourite hobbies, Sharnie Tellers (27) wouldn’t say that she was a Rugby League fan.

The girlfriend of long-suffering Broncos supporter, Adam de Vere (28), Sharnie has for most of her life left the worship of rugby league players to her older brothers and her boyfriend.

However this afternoon it’s believed Sharnie has come out to her partner as being a little bi-League curious, as she reveals that she’s very up to date with the latest news coming out of the comp on the eve of season launch.

Resting on the couch with her feet perched in her boyfriend’s lap, Sharnie was dual-screening MAFS whilst scrolling her phone, making a few observations about the NRL accounts that she has begun to follow religiously.

With less than four weeks until the NRL season officially launches, Sharnie is believed to be loving the flood of thirsty pre-season content most NRL clubs have been posting, particularly any images of hot and sweaty players that have maintained their perfect jawline and facial structure.

“Jeez Patty Carrigan is looking fit,” Sharnie offered, as she admired the handsome good looks of the Broncos tallest glass of water.

“You guys might actually win a few games this year.”

Shocked to hear his girlfriend mention the name of his favourite lock in the competition, Adam was stunned to also learn that his partner now follows most of the star players in the NRL.

“Although so is Cleary, Penrith might win three in a row,” she added, running her eyes over Nathan Cleary’s personal instagram page.

“He’s so stylish too, real vibey!”

Excited by the opportunity to brand a trip to Suncorp as a romantic weekend away, Adam reportedly offered to take his girlfriend on a trip to Brisbane.

“Would you like to go to our first home game against the Cowboys?” Adam offered as he began to look up some flights.

“Hmm yeah if Carrigan is playing, let’s go,” replied Sharni.

“Do they still do the post-game meet and greets?”


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